Customer photos

Boba Bed

The Boba bed is an experience in bedding to enjoy. Fully upholstered sides and headboard with extra padding makes it a joy to climb into each night. Featured in White fluffy boucle

Russo2 mini L

This customer was looking for a small sectional to fit their space. They decided on the Russo2 mini L, featuring a love seat, corner, single and ottoman. The went with a beige corduroy fabric to match their neutral colour scheme and it worked perfectly. Packing a lot of seating in a small foot print, it's cozy for reading, lounging or entertaining.

Bellivano sofa with ottoman

This Bellivano sofa with large ottoman featured in a condo with a view. This customer chose cream boucle, a timeless classic. A setup perfect for entertaining or kicking back and enjoying their favourite movies.

Low Back home theatre

This is a custom two level home theatre setup featuring the low back chaise theatre lounge set in black soft chenille fabric. A cozy place to binge watch their favourite movies and shows.

boba mini

We love this customers living space, featuring the Boba Mini. Timelessly fitting in with the fiddle leaf fig tree, and built in bookcase, this soft white boucle sofa, completes the space beautifully.

Sollana sofa

Another great condo sofa, this one submitted by a customer is in white boucle. The white helps keep the space bright and airy, while the design adds that touch of character to their space.

Low back Full L sofa

Beautiful design, Full size L shape sofa designed for family gatherings and all day lounging, Featured in Cool grey Soft chenille.

Low back sofa + Rm lounge chair + arch lamp

This is a modern combination that works so well together. This customers living space features three of our signature pieces all in neutral colours.

Nesting Womb chair spa

This client was looking for a unique and stylish addition to their spa seating. The nesting chair provided the perfect combination of seating position with comfort and style. The grey chenille kept the colours lights and refreshing.

kagan curve

This modern whistler home, with it's striking mountain views needed a sofa to match. The Kagan curve was the perfect solution to maximize seating while keeping the space airy and cozy. A great seat to watch the snow fall by the fire.

Channel sofa 4 piece

This green boucle Channel Sofa is a mid century classic. The green fabric choice was a perfect match for the warmth of the wood in the space and the greenery of the tree behind it.

Russo2 Vintage leather

This Vintage leather Russo2 Sectional fit perfectly in this clients home. Beautifully matching the hard wood floors and exposed wood beams. The brown Vintage leather matched perfectly. The client will enjoy this leather for years.

Bellivano 3 piece with small ottoman

This nursery was designed with the 3 piece Bellivano and small ottoman in mind. Split in the space to allow a two cozy seating areas. Ordered in grey velvet, it matches to neutral colours of the space beautifully.

Black Platner dining table with floating back arm chairs

This mid century classic black on black combo of the Platner dining table and Floating back chairs is a great set up for a condo or breakfast nook. Space saving, while also feeling very large and spacious.

Low Back Family Sofa

This family room features the Low Back Family sofa in black boucle. A great setup for entertaining or lounging all together watching a movie.

Hive chairs

This client wanted to add a pop of colour to their living space, and the Hive Chair was the perfect match. They selected green and yellow mesh fabric, and they fit in perfectly with the modern millwork and marble floors.

Ram Chair

Another customer that wanted an accent pop of colour, and opted for the Ram Chair in purple soft boucle. This neutral modern space with a view was the perfect setting for the ram chair in purple.

Channel Sofa 4 piece

This home studio set up features lots of neutrals and shades of brown, and the channel sofa in brown velvet matched the mid century vibe perfectly as the centerpiece.

Bellivano2 Bright orange velvet

This Premium velvet Bright orange velvet Bellivano2 sofa brightens up this clients homes.